How to Treat Hormonal Acne (Plus a Skincare Schedule Template)

How to Treat Hormonal Acne (Plus a Skincare Schedule Template) 800 1200 neverwithoutlipstick

How to treat hormonal acne: such a loaded question! It’s something that I’ve struggled with for a long, long time. And it has taken years and years to find treatments that have made a noticeable difference. I’ve been on numerous antibiotics, tried all the creams, read different studies and articles etc. While I don’t have all of the answers, I do know much more about hormonal acne, its causes, and some techniques, products, and professionals that have really helped me along this journey. I wanted to share all of this knowledge with you in today’s blog post; it’s a long one but packed with info!

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11 Tips for How to Treat Hormonal Acne

#1: Have Your Hormones Checked Out

Surprise! We’re talking about how to treat hormonal acne so, of course, I’m gonna mention hormones! Can’t live with them, can’t live without them. If you’re noticing major breakouts or cysts popping up around your periods, definitely talk to your doctor about it. You could have a hormonal imbalance that’s causing those breakouts. Your doctor might recommend conducting some bloodwork to see what’s going on hormonally for you. This info can provide lots of answers when it comes to treatment of hormonal acne! That bloodwork can also determine the right form of birth control or best pill for you if that’s the route (or one of the steps) you decide to take to treat your hormonal breakouts. If you really want to dig into it, consult an endocrinologist!

#2: Consult a Dermatologist

Next, I recommend consulting a professional that knows all about skin. They went through many years of school just learning about it! A dermatologist will be able to tell you how to treat hormonal acne from a medical standpoint whether that’s through topicals or medication. Nine times out of ten I try to avoid being on antibiotics of any sort, but when it comes to hormonal, cystic acne, I feel a bit differently.

Hormonal acne or cysts are painful and not to mention unsightly. They’re some of the hardest zits to cover with makeup! They can arise from your body’s over-sensitivity to bacteria. Antibiotics help to fight that bacteria and calm your skin’s overreaction. I wouldn’t use this as a long-term solution, but I would recommend considering an antibiotic until your skin has calmed down. (Or ask your derm about Spiranolactone!) I have the same perspective when it comes to cortisone injections of cysts. There are just some that are so awful they MUST be injected!

The topical creams and ointments that a dermatologist prescribes can be helpful in overturning your skin cells faster and drying up the surface of those pesky cysts. I do have to emphasize drying here. Prescribed topicals have higher percentages of chemicals in them, so they are much stronger than your average over-the-counter option. To avoid over-drying your skin (read: extra oiliness as a result), start by applying your topical once a day every other day.

#3: Find a Trusted Esthetician

One of the best things that have happened to me on this journey was finding Becky Dyke at SkinZoneRX. She is such a wealth of knowledge about skin, causes behind breakouts, and recommending products and treatments to help with my acne. Becky helped me construct a regular skincare schedule that I have stuck to 95% religiously (some nights I get lazy – sorry Becky! But I always take my makeup off!). She walked through each step and product to explain to me what each product does and why it’s important in my routine. Something that I love about Becky is that she asks what products you’re currently using and tells you whether to keep using what you have or to consider an alternative. She’s not going to push an entirely new and expensive skin care regimen on you which I really appreciate! It’s also not a billion steps that are a pain to remember or exhausting to apply.

I now know so much more about my skin, why it behaves the way it does, and what products to use to treat my breakouts. It’s all about turning over those skin cells baby! Think retinol and salicylic or glycolic toners and face washes. If you’re in the DFW area, I highly recommend going to see Becky whether you have issues with your skin or not. Tell her I sent you!

Finding a trusted esthetician has been monumental for me in learning more about how to treat hormonal acne. You can use the weekly planning template I shared in this post to plan out your skincare routine! I’ve made a few recommendations on there based off of what I’ve learned from Becky 🙂

#4: IPL Laser Treatments

I started going to Becky because I wanted to address what I thought was scarring from my acne. She explained to me that what I was experiencing was actually acne staining. Because of the olive undertones of my skin, red or purple stains stay behind long after my acne has subsided. And one of the best ways to combat this is through IPL laser treatments. This laser speeds up the skin’s healing cycle and overturns that staining more powerfully and quickly. I’ve noticed amazing results from these treatments. They are an investment, so this is something I’d recommend further down the line once you’ve gotten your breakouts under more control.

#5: Vitamin C Supplements

This was another suggestion from Becky! Vitamin C strengthens your immune system which is huge when it comes to combatting hormonal acne breakouts. This will strengthen your body’s reaction to bacteria and hopefully reduce the amount of hormonal acne or cysts you see. I have been taking two Vitamin C pills each day for a few weeks and can see a noticeable difference in my skin. Everything seemed to calm down and redness wasn’t so intense.

#6: Sulfur Mask

I read about this mask on Into the Gloss quite awhile back. It has now become my go-to for shrinking cysts. I’d consider it essential in a how to treat hormonal acne arsenal! To be honest, I lather it onto areas that are prone to cysts or breakouts – primarily my T-zone. I’ll usually leave it on for at least 10 mins and if things are really bad I’ll even sleep with it on! During a breakout, I’ll try to use this mask every night or every other night to dry things up. This mask has even helped some smaller cysts develop a white head!

#7: Spot Treatment:

  • Acne Spot Stickers: When a pimple finally rises to a white head, pop one of these stickers on it overnight to dry it up. This will prevent you from scarring or staining your skin when trying to pop the pimple. These have been a life-saver for me because I am SO BAD about picking at my skin. It’s maybe one of my worst habits…
  • Mario Badescu Drying Lotion: Use this in the same way as the acne spots! There’s usually not a night that goes by when I don’t have this on at least one zit. The most important thing I can say about it is that IT WORKS.
  • Liquigel Ibuprofen: Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory. Acne and cysts are inflammation surfacing on your skin. When I feel cysts coming up or have a particularly inflamed part of my face, I’ll cut open a liquigel and dab it onto my skin. It calms everything down and reduces the size of a cyst!

#8: Avoid Eating Dairy (and sugar…)

Trust me. I’m groaning and rolling my eyes as I write this. Such an inconvenient truth! But when I have been really focused on eating a clean, plant-based diet, I have noticed big changes in my skin. I once did a 21-day sugar detox and my skin was 98% CLEAR. I recommend starting with eliminating as much dairy as you can. Dairy has been proven to cause acne! There’s science behind it. If I go too hard on the cheese, I can expect at least 2 pimples to pop up the next day.

#9: Drink Mint Tea

This one *could* be an old wive’s tale, but it’s still worth mentioning. Try drinking spearmint or mint tea every day. It’s refreshing and packed with antioxidants to fortify your skin against bacteria. This won’t be a one-and-done solution or clear anything up overnight. But it is a good tactic to implement to combat your hormonal or cystic acne over time.

#10: Clean Up Your Makeup

Have you read my post about how to switch over to a clean beauty routine? You might want to go read it now if you haven’t! The FDA doesn’t have nearly as stringent requirements on what chemicals can be included in makeup as it should. Other countries are way more intense! The ingredients used in drugstore or big name makeup brands can have extremely negative effects on not only your skin but, more importantly, your whole body! Okay, off my soapbox, back to hormonal acne. As I mentioned before, hormonal acne and cysts pop up from a reaction to bacteria. By slowly changing your beauty products over to clean alternatives, you can start using things that are healthier for your skin and won’t clog your pores and create a breeding ground for more pimples.

A great place to start on this journey would be at Credo. It’s a 100% clean beauty retailer. Every product they offer has undergone rigorous scrutiny to be sold on their shelves. You can buy with confidence from them! They can help you switch over your products by finding clean beauty equivalents to what you’re currently using. And they’ll reward you for bringing in your empty containers of “dirty” or clean beauty products!

#11: Stress Management

Last but certainly not least, manage that stress, girl. SO much easier said than done. When we get stressed our bodies produce cortisol which then produces, you guessed it, pimples! There are so many ways to manage your stress, so find one that works best for you. Start by thinking about what situations get you the most stressed. Is it work-related? Could it be solved with time management? Ask yourself these questions, and I hope you’ll find a way to better manage your stress. I am so far from being an expert in this realm. *Please leave recommendations* But I do know that having a day planner, making a daily to-do list, and a task-management program (Trello) for work helps reduce my stress immensely. But exercise, going for walks, and reading are also other ways I combat getting over-stressed!

That’s all I have on how to treat hormonal acne…for now. I will continue to update this post on how to treat hormonal acne with any new findings or insights! You can always find my skincare and beauty products linked here.

If any of you struggle with hormonal acne, what are some of the techniques you’ve used to treat it? Let me know via DM on Insta or email me. I’d love to hear what you’ve tried and learned!


beauty gift ideas for her, christmas beauty gift ideas, gift guide for her, christmas gifts for mom, christmas gifts for sister | The Best Beauty Gift Ideas featured by top Dallas beauty blog, Never Without Lipstick: image of a woman looking at Fresh beauty products

The Best Beauty Gift Ideas for the Beauty Lovers with Fresh

The Best Beauty Gift Ideas for the Beauty Lovers with Fresh 800 1200 neverwithoutlipstick

Last week I got to peruse lots of gorgeous holiday beauty gift ideas courtesy of Fresh! It’s become one of my favorite Christmas shopping treats. Fresh nails it when it comes to the ideal beauty/skincare sets as gifts for moms, sisters, best friends, etc. The products are so luxe (and effective!) because of the quality of the ingredients and the sets are very well thought out. And if you don’t find a set that you love, you can customize one of your own to make it even more special! If you’re in the Dallas area, head into the Fresh store in Northpark (it’s the only store in Texas!). The team members there will do an amazing job of educating you on different products, ingredients, and sets. They can also wrap your gifts for you!

Keep reading to discover which Fresh beauty gift ideas would be perfect for your mom, sister, BFF, co-workers, and more!

beauty gift ideas for her, christmas beauty gift ideas, gift guide for her, christmas gifts for mom, christmas gifts for sister | The Best Beauty Gift Ideas featured by top Dallas beauty blog, Never Without Lipstick: image of a woman smelling a Fresh perfume beauty gift ideas for her, christmas beauty gift ideas, gift guide for her, christmas gifts for mom, christmas gifts for sister | The Best Beauty Gift Ideas featured by top Dallas beauty blog, Never Without Lipstick: image of a woman smelling a Fresh perfume


beauty gift ideas for her, christmas beauty gift ideas, gift guide for her, christmas gifts for mom, christmas gifts for sister | The Best Beauty Gift Ideas featured by top Dallas beauty blog, Never Without Lipstick: image of a woman looking at Fresh beauty products

Fresh really kills it when it comes to gift sets for your sister, bestie(s), or sister-in-law. Each of these sets would make the all-in-one homerun you’re looking for in a gift! The mask sets or the lip treatment sets feature Fresh’s best sellers and top-reviewed products. These sets will give your sister or BFF lots to treat herself with on a skincare Sunday 😉


beauty gift ideas for her, christmas beauty gift ideas, gift guide for her, christmas gifts for mom, christmas gifts for sister beauty gift ideas for her, christmas beauty gift ideas, gift guide for her, christmas gifts for mom, christmas gifts for sister | The Best Beauty Gift Ideas featured by top Dallas beauty blog, Never Without Lipstick: image of a woman looking at Fresh beauty products and gift sets

When it comes to treating your mom or mom-in-law, a luxe skincare set like the ones below is always a good option. Make her feel loved and pampered! I love these mask and skincare sets because they provide a great variety of products or a skincare set she can use to spice up her skincare ritual.

  • The Great Escape Face Mask Set
  • Lotus to the Rescue Set
  • Black Tea Firming Skincare Set
  • Build-Your-Own Set: As I mentioned before, you can put together your own set to make the perfect customized gift. The two sets below are what I got my mom for Christmas – shh!
    • Lotion & Body Wash: My mom uses these sets in our powder bathroom, but they’d also be perfect for a guest bathroom!
    • Body Scrub & Body Oil: Both of these products are SO luxe, smell amazing, and deliver results. The scrub seriously makes your skin glow! It’s an especially great set for the cold winter months when our skin is so dry


beauty gift ideas for her, christmas beauty gift ideas, gift guide for her, christmas gifts for mom, christmas gifts for sister beauty gift ideas for her, christmas beauty gift ideas, gift guide for her, christmas gifts for mom, christmas gifts for sister | The Best Beauty Gift Ideas featured by top Dallas beauty blog, Never Without Lipstick: image of a woman looking at Fresh beauty products

  • Frequent Flyer Set: I love this set because it includes Fresh’s top selling products. This would make a great gift for co-workers or also as a stocking stuffer for right under $20!
  • Facial On the Fly Set: I bet you have a jetsetter friend that could use this! It would also be the perfect option to bring along for a gift exchange.
  • Honeymoon Lip Kit: Perfect as a stocking stuffer for any brides!

Loving these beauty gift ideas? Head here for MORE of my gift guides and stay tuned for a new guide every week until Christmas!

Thank you to Fresh for providing the product for this beauty gift ideas post! All opinions and statements are my own. I only share brands with you that I have used extensively and love from personal experience.

clean beauty products, clean beauty makeup, clean beauty products skin care, clean beauty tips | Clean beauty products starter pack featured by top Dallas beauty blog, Never Without Lipstick

The Ultimate Starter Pack for Clean Beauty Products

The Ultimate Starter Pack for Clean Beauty Products 800 1200 neverwithoutlipstick

This post on clean beauty products and where to start when making the switch has been much requested by many of you on Insta and my closest gal pals! When I decided to only use cruelty-free makeup, I started discovering more about all of the harsh, toxic chemicals that go into our everyday beauty products. That’s why I’m writing today’s post to share 10 products to include in your clean beauty “starter pack” so to say 🙂


clean beauty products, clean beauty makeup, clean beauty products skin care, clean beauty tips | Clean beauty products starter pack featured by top Dallas beauty blog, Never Without Lipstick

  1. Native Deodorant: This may be one of the hardest clean beauty products to start using. Trust. Me. I had to try three different brands before I found THE one. I even went back to normal deodorant for a bit and it didn’t work, ha. Standard deodorants contain aluminum (a carcinogen), so you should really try to make the switch to clean beauty starting here. I LOVE Native Deodorant because it actually works. It’s the only one that actually, truly blocks the stink. You can even get it at Target now!
  2. Acure Shampoo and Conditioner: I’d always known that typical drugstore shampoos/conditioners weren’t good for me or my hair. Now that I’ve made the switch to Acure products, I’ve been pleasantly surprised! My hair feels softer and so much healthier now that I’m using these. This is another one you can get at Target 🙂
  3. Tom’s Toothpaste: Isn’t it shocking that toothpaste can have toxic ingredients and that it gets tested on animals?! This really blew my mind. This is a great replacement option!
  4. 100% Hyaluronic Acid Serum
  5. Vitamin C Plus E Ferulic Acid Serum
  6. Glycolic & Salicylic Acid Face Wash: This is an amazing everyday face wash for morning or night!
  7. BHA Toner: I use this every morning to keep my skin cells turning over regularly to brighten my skin and lift any acne staining!
  8. Bite Beauty Lipstick: Bite Beauty products are paraben, phthalate, and sulfate free. I made a custom lipstick at the Bite Beauty Lab in San Francisco and I love the amuse bouche formula. This line has so many different colors and tons of different formulas to choose from!
  9. Indie Lee Brightening Makeup Remover Cleansing Wash: As sad as it is to hear, makeup wipes can be very toxic and are, not to mention, bad for the environment. That’s why I love this face wash! It lathers really well and actually takes off every lick of your makeup. I usually do this and then wash with a BHA face wash afterward to double cleanse.
  10. Ellis Brooklyn Perfume: Fragrance is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to high toxicity and negative side effects like infertility. Fragrance can be synthetic and present in different products in varying amounts since it’s not regulated. So you don’t really know how many toxins you’re being exposed to! It’s oftentimes used to mask the smells of the other toxic chemicals in products – yikes. So this means that so many of our perfumes are loaded with toxins – ah! That’s why I love this line of perfumes! Once I’ve run out of my other perfume, I’m going to get this in the Fawn scent.

Resources to Get Informed About Clean Beauty Products:

I know all of this info can be a lot, but don’t let it overwhelm you! One of the best pieces of advice I can give is to start just by getting informed.

  • Think Dirty: One of my close friends told me about this phone app and I’m AMAZED. You can type in literally any product and it’ll score its “dirtiness” on a scale of 1-10 based on its ingredients. This can make shopping and scanning your current products much easier
  • Fashion Veggie: Molly is a Dallas-based vegan lifestyle and fashion blogger. I decided to go completely cruelty-free after watching her stories when Nars decided to start selling their products in mainland China. Side note: If a brand or line sells their products in mainland China (& other parts of Asia), then that brand is required by law to test on animals. Molly is just a great resource for vegan, cruelty-free, and clean beauty products and brands!
  • Clean Beauty Cheat Sheet: Biossance made an amazing cheat sheet that you can download or screenshot to have on your phone. It breaks down each of the toxic ingredients to look out for and what the side effects are of each one.

Next steps: Read some articles and start scanning the labels of the products you currently use. Wait until you’ve used up your shampoo or your toothpaste and then opt to replace it with clean beauty products next time!

Please feel free to DM me or email me with any questions at all about clean beauty products or cruelty-free beauty!

Lifestyle blogger Ashley Deatherage shares 3 serums for acne-prone skin that have helped her see better results for her skin | Never Without Lipstick | serum, vitamin c serum, skincare routine, beginner skincare routine, cruelty free beauty

3 Serums for Acne-Prone Skin

3 Serums for Acne-Prone Skin 800 1200 neverwithoutlipstick

First things first, I am not a skincare expert. Everyday I’m scouring through articles on Into the Gloss hoping that something will sink in (I am learning so much though!). What I do know is that I struggle with oily, acne-prone skin (particularly cystic acne), and I have been on and off antibiotics for my skin since middle school – I’m sure I’m not the only one. In an effort to avoid taking antibiotics and using potentially harmful chemicals on my skin, I’ve started to embrace 3 different serums for acne-prone skin that I’ve seen positive results from using.

Lifestyle blogger Ashley Deatherage shares 3 serums for acne-prone skin that have helped her see better results for her skin | Never Without Lipstick | serum, vitamin c serum, skincare routine, beginner skincare routine, cruelty free beauty, serums for oily skin

These three serums for acne-prone skin are also on the affordable end of the spectrum because I want to test products that I know I can afford again if they work for my skin. And each brand I’m talking about is a cruelty-free beauty brand, so rest assured no animals were tested to create these products and that the ingredients are safe for your skin.

  • Glycolic Acid Serum: You’ve probably heard or read about acids like salicylic acid (beta hydroxy acid) and glycolic acid (alpha hydroxy acid) before. These acids should be staples in your skincare routine because they cause your skin to repair itself on the surface without causing extreme peeling or dryness. I’ve loved this serum because I noticed an immediate improvement in my skin’s texture and redness. A lot of my pimples had gone down and flattened out after I had used this for a couple of days. Glycolic is great for evening your skin tone because it boosts collagen production which plumps up your skin. I’d recommend using this 3 times a week to start out (but never every day) because as it builds up it could cause a bit of dryness which may lead to more oily skin for a few days.
  • Vitamin C Serum: If you’re looking to brighten and heal your skin, look no further than this vitamin C serum from Glossier. I have lots of scarring on my skin from picking at it and my cysts, so I really love the brightening properties of this serum. Just make sure to use sunscreen after applying it because it can make your skin a little bit more sensitive to sunlight right after using it. I like to use it right after I run toner over my face in the mornings and before my moisturizer. It livens and brightens my skin for the day!
  • Hyaluronic Acid Serum: One thing that really blew my mind about oily skin was the difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin. Dry skin is lacking oil and therefore needs more of it. But dehydrated skin needs water; adding more oil to dehydrated skin just clogs pores and leads to more breakouts. Hyaluronic acid has SO many benefits, especially anti-aging ones because it keeps things moisturized and plump. It’s an acid that is present in the body’s connective tissue that keeps your joints lubricated for their best functionality! I started using this serum because I wanted to start moisturizing my skin with a water-based serum to hydrate it so that it would stop producing excess oil. Hyaluronic acid also creates a barrier on your skin to keep moisture in instead of letting it out with oil!

Do any of you have similar skin issues as mine? I’d LOVE to know your journey and what products have helped you out. It’s seriously such a huge learning curve, so I’m taking everything in and want to get experimenting!

If you’re worried you might forget the names of these serums or want to come back to this post later, pin this lil guy below so you’ll know exactly where to go!

Lifestyle blogger Ashley Deatherage shares 3 serums for acne-prone skin that have helped her see better results for her skin | Never Without Lipstick | serum, vitamin c serum, skincare routine, beginner skincare routine, cruelty free beauty

Nordstrom Sale Beauty Favorites

Nordstrom Sale Beauty Favorites

Nordstrom Sale Beauty Favorites 800 1200 neverwithoutlipstick

Style and beauty blogger Ashley Deatherage of Never Without Lipstick shares her favorite Nordstrom Sale beauty picks

For a girl that’s still new (read: lazy) when it comes to skincare (not makeup, I’ve got makeup on lock), the skincare department of the Nordstrom Sale was initially intimidating. So I started out by doing research and reading tons of other bloggers’ posts about their skincare and beauty finds. I tried my hardest to seek out information from others that face similar skin issues and needs as me. This helped me to narrow down a bit which products I needed to look into and that led me to better understand which products would be a better deal at the sale prices. All in all, for skincare newbies or if you’re reading about new products, it’s key to read customer reviews (which are plentiful on Nordstrom, bless) and look to the opinions of those you trust.

My skin type is combination but it definitely leans to the oily side due to dryness (complicated I know). I also struggle with cystic acne. So I was definitely considering products that would help me address these issues. After reading this blog post, I’ve been trying to take a more gentle approach with my skin especially at night. I think that the more I bug it the more it acts out and breaks out. Because of that I’m trying to use very gentle products with very natural, non-irritating ingredients.

As far as makeup and beauty products go, I really wanted to stick to the brands that I know and love. Sometimes during sales like these, brands will make sets that just aren’t as high quality as their full price items. This is definitely not the case for every beauty brand but it is bound to happen. There was also another layer of criteria that my beauty purchases had to pass this year during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale – NO animal testing. That’s why I was drawn to buy items from Hourglass Cosmetics and one of my all-time favorites, Charlotte Tilbury. Please note that all products mentioned in this post are not cruelty free as I am still in the process of overhauling my beauty and skincare arsenal to include all cruelty free brands and products.

Keep reading to find out which products were worth the purchase for me during the sale and why!

Style and beauty blogger Ashley Deatherage of Never Without Lipstick shares her favorite Nordstrom Sale beauty picks


When SPACE.NK.apothecary reached out to me about the “Best of Collection” set they’re offering in the Nordstrom Sale, I sighed a breath of relief. It was like someone had done all the work for me. I was giddy when the package arrived with my set!

This set includes six best-selling products from this leading UK-based luxury skincare and beauty mecca. I had been hearing so many incredible things about this brand and was just generally obsessed with its branding and curation of products. Luxurious is what comes to mind when I think about SPACE.NK, but it’s also incredibly approachable for those looking to budget on skincare or those who are very new to skincare like me.

I especially loved that this set mixed makeup and skincare (and hair!) together, so that I could get to try items that met all of my interests. Let me break down the set for you and tell you why I’m so obsessed.

  1. By Terry Baume de Rose Lip Care: I don’t know what it is but I can’t go to bed without my hair completely brushed/tangle-free or without lip balm of some sort on my lips. (It’s a habit and I get all nervous if I don’t do it – what’s your bedtime must-do? I wanna know!) One of my favorite bloggers had raved about this lip balm for so long and I was so skeptical that it could do more than good ole Aquaphor or CarMex. But I was wrong. I have woken up with plumper, more moisturized lips lately because of this balm. If I can get Kylie lips because of this lip balm, I’m so in.
  2. Lipstick Queen ‘Frog Prince’: OKAY, this stuff is incredible. And that’s coming from me, the real lipstick queen 😉 Don’t be alarmed when you see that this lipstick is green. This lipstick will adapt to and enhance your natural lip color so that you are automatically wearing your ideal “my lips but better” shade. And you didn’t even have to try all the other lipstick princes. The name totally makes sense now.
  3. Sunday Riley Good Genes Treatment: Lately, I’ve been trying microneedling to enhance collagen production in my face and increase widespread healing to clear up breakouts; the teeny tiny needles “injure” your face to induce the skin’s natural healing and recovery process. Microneedling also helps your skincare products to penetrate MUCH deeper into your skin for enhanced results. I’ll probably do a post on my experience once I’ve been using it a bit longer. But I applied this serum after microneedling my face for a couple nights, and I noticed my face looking much plumper and smoother across the surface.
  4. Oribe Texturizing Spray: This hairspray is like the pumpkin spice latte of the hair world – everybody wants it. If you’ve ever had trouble with your hair dropping its curl practically minutes after you’ve curled it, then this is the spray you want to look into. Texturizing spray gives your hair the grit, if you will, to hold onto a curl or styling better than it would on its own. Even though my hair is about medium thickness, it still feels very fine which makes my curls loosen pretty quickly, so I’ve been reaching for this spray lately to give my hair the extra texture it needs to really hold onto my curls. Spray it in your hair before or after styling it and scrunch it in a little bit to really get it into your locks. Not to mention it also smells BEYOND amazing.
  5. Kevyn Aucoin The Volume Mascara: I remember my mom saying she’d “belabor every lash” when she’d wear mascara in high school, and I seriously feel this way every time I apply mascara. Read that as I expect a lot out of my mascara. I need it to both lengthen and add thickness to my lashes. And now that I use Neulash to grow my lashes, there are a lot of layers of lashes that get crowded and wonky when I try to apply mascara. This Kevyn Aucoin mascara has a long thin brush which really gives me the ability to wiggle and comb it through my lashes to separate and lengthen each one to get the lashes I’m looking for.
  6. Eve Lom Cleanser: Have you heard about ‘double cleansing’? It’s all about going the extra mile to really rid your skin of all traces of makeup before washing your face and going to bed. Wipe away your makeup with a makeup wipe or micellar water first. Then use a makeup removing cleanser like this Eve Lom one to get that extra layer of makeup grime that could be the cause of your skin’s unhappiness and irritation. This cleanser smells so good and natural and I love that it’s the tiniest bit gritty. That slight exfoliation convinces me that it’s doing its job in scrubbing away any extra makeup. After applying this cleanser in circular motions around your face and on your eyes to remove leftover eye makeup, heat up the precious muslin cloth that it comes with and place it on your face to open your pores and loosen any toxins in your pores. Rub the cloth in circular motions to gently exfoliate and then you’re done double cleansing and can wash your face!

This set is worth $237 and is currently available during the Nordstrom Sale for so much less. It’s seriously one of the best deals you could snag from this sale given the amount of full-size products you receive in the set!

Style and beauty blogger Ashley Deatherage of Never Without Lipstick shares her favorite Nordstrom Sale beauty picks


Charlotte Tilbury is the creator of one of my all-time favorite nude lipsticks (read about it here): Penelope Pink. I ADORE this color, this formula…I could gush on and on. Because I know and trust the quality of her lipsticks and liners, I knew that I could trust the quality to be the same in this lipstick set. I went with the ‘Perfect Pink’ set of lipsticks because I wanted pinkier shades since I already had a nude lip I loved from Charlotte Tilbury. These lipsticks apply like butter; they’re so smooth but not too creamy that your lips look messy with too much sheen. You will have to reapply this lipstick but I’ve had the color last for at least a couple of hours before it was time for another hit.

Style and beauty blogger Ashley Deatherage of Never Without Lipstick shares her favorite Nordstrom Sale beauty picks


Hourglass has been on my radar for quite some time after I saw another blogger gal wearing the most gorgeous blush by them. It runs on the pricier end, so I had been reluctant to try their products. But when I read about their opposition to animal testing and the ingredients in their products, I knew that it was time to give it a try. I’d been in the market for a new foundation for quite some time and I decided to make the leap into trying their stick foundation (I’m in shade Vanilla and my skin tone is fair with olive undertones). I am CHANGED. It applies so smoothly, the coverage is buildable, and the match to my skin is flawless. With my previous foundation, I was always noticing a line on my jawline that drove me insane. If you’re wanting to try a new foundation, head to the Hourglass counter immediately.

So now that you now about my entree to Hourglass, it’s time to talk about this palette I snagged from the Nordstrom Sale. When I get on a YouTube makeup tutorial binge (just now on the Jaclyn Hill train), I’m immediately dying to start highlighting and contouring. But I like to keep things simple and easy so that I can wear it everyday if I want to. That’s why I love this palette. The bronzer gives the most subtle sculpting to your features without leaving you orange. It blends really beautifully too so that you aren’t left with any harsh lines which is common for me since I’m a newbie to contouring. I’m also always on the hunt for a blush that gives me that flushed rosy look – this blush does just that and the light reflecting particles in the powder also give a slightly dewy look which enhances your highlight. Last but not least, the setting powder in this palette gives you a light dewy glimmer and can also serve as a subtle highlight. This palette is definitely for those of you wanting to go for the subtle and dewy approach to contour/highlight!

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My Favorite At-Home Skincare Treatments

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At Home Skin Treatments/Never Without Lipstick/skincare, diy skincare, at home skin treatments,

I don’t know about you guys, but the thought of developing an effective and consistent skincare routine overwhelms me. There are just so many different brands and products and gadgets and recommendations that I could just go crazy! This is exactly why I wrote today’s post. When it comes to my skincare, I like it to be SIMPLE and minimalistic. I don’t want to recommend a whole slew of products to you just because. I’m sharing the skin treatments that I do from the comfort of my home that I think are effective and they cover the basics of what your skin needs in general. Obviously what works for my skin might not work for yours, but I hope that you can walk away from this post with at least one little nugget of helpful info.

For reference, I have acne-prone skin (cystic acne) that gets quite oily from being too dry. So I make sure to build a good mixture of moisturization, healing, extraction, and exfoliation into my regular skincare routine.

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My Favorite Products for At-Home Skin Treatments

  • Indian Healing Clay ($10!): For real guys, this stuff lives up to its name. It really soothes and heals any problem areas. You mix up the clay powder with equal parts water and apple cider vinegar (optional but it makes it a better consistency) and apply it to your face. Apple cider vinegar has really amazing healing properties, so I would recommend using it each time you do the mask. I usually mix about 2.5 tablespoons of the clay powder, 1 tablespoon of water, and 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Make sure you mix it all up with a plastic spoon, not metal! Once I’ve mixed everything up I also like to apply the mask to my face with the spoon just to keep things less messy. It says to keep it on for about 10 minutes but I always like to keep it on a bit longer. I love this mask because it is a “healing” mask, so it calms down inflammation or breakouts on my face and works as a preventative as well. I try my best to use this twice a week or to do a max at least once a week. I like that this one is gentle because it means you can use it more regularly while other masks can cause too much disruption on your skin and lead to more pimples.
  • Biore Charcoal Strips: When you wear this, you’ll totally have a Princess Diaries moment (you know…at the end, when Michael comes over to talk to her and she has one of these on her nose and has to rip it off due to her utter embarrassment?!). These babies work and they are so inexpensive. It’s such a gratifying experience to feel like you’re just ripping every gross little black head out of your nose.
  • Ice Roller ($11!): I guess allergies in Dallas must just be so bad right now, but I woke up on Saturday with such a swollen face. Not to mention that the day before I’d been outside all day and had eaten lots of things I’m allergic to (gluten, dairy, grain – ugh). My undereyes were purple and lifted and my lips looked like Kylie Jenner’s but not in a good way. I have this eye roller in the freezer regularly and use it for about 10 minutes on puffy skin. It is SO soothing and takes any puffiness down in a hot minute. It also gets blood flow going on your face getting your skin looking plump and healthy.
  • Foreo Facial Cleansing Brush: My mom and I were at a liquidation sale at one of her favorite Austin boutiques a while back and these little Foreo cleansing brushes on major sale. I’d had the Clarisonic forever before then but I’d been interested in trying out one of the Foreo brushes. This little guy is so gentle so I feel like it’s exfoliating subtly and getting my facial wash deep into my pores. With the Clarisonic, I always found that it was a bit too rough and my skin would break out as a result. This Foreo brush is the perfect partner for ensuring a deep clean. I use it each time that I shower! And on the days that I don’t shower, I like to use a baby washcloth to wash my face because it’s also another gentle exfoliator that takes off dead skin and gets pores really cleaned. My nail lady actually recommended this technique to me and I have noticed how clean and shiny my skin has gotten!
  • Skin ReVit Microderm System: Now this is something that I use about 1-2 times a month! It’s a microderm system that sucks off your dead skin (gross but also great) to put it frankly. This system has great reviews on Amazon and is more well-priced than other similar systems. It’s so easy to use and really good at what it does. I do use it sparingly because when you exfoliate a lot of skin at once it can really overactivate your pores and breakouts might occur. If your skin runs more on the sensitive side, I’d recommend using it a couple times a month. But they recommend using it a couple of times a week as needed, so if your skin can handle, go for it!

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Summer Sun Protection Guide

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Bikini top: Old Navy | Earrings: Gresham Jewelry

Now that it’s summertime and the sun is shining, it’s important to make sure that your sun protection game is on point to prevent any of those ratchet/embarrassing burns and skin cancer, duh. Serious stuff but it can be so easy to make a priority when you’re at the beach or the pool! Keep reading along to see my tips and tricks for protecting myself from the rays and the products that I love to use.

Summer Sun Protection Guide/Never Without Lipstick/sunscreen, sun protection, how to apply sunscreen, best sunscreen, supergoop, best supergoop products, supergoop reviews, sun safety, beachwear, beach prep, beach outfits, beach bag essentials


1. Sunscreen for your body: Gotta protect the majority of your epidermis (cue all “your epidermis is showing!” jokes here)! When this Supergoop! Sunscreen Mousse arrived, I was thrilled. For real, I was so excited about the concept that I wanted to apply it at 8 PM just out of pure intrigue. You shake it up and your sunscreen comes out as a lightweight mousse – you read that right. A nice fluffy blob of sunscreen that applies SO easily and doesn’t blow away in the wind like the spray sunscreens I was always using in the past. It also didn’t leave my hands feeling sticky or gross at all because it applies so well and the formula isn’t heavy or greasy. I also feel like this mousse is worth it because it’s a step above when it comes to sun protection. I didn’t burn ANYWHERE, not one place. No parts of my body were even concerningly red. My mom pointed out that my shoulder was reddening since I’d missed a spot, so I slapped on some more mousse and that redness went adios. This stuff is gooood, real good guys. 10/10 would recommend.

2. Facial sunscreen: Even though I’ll mention ways I incorporate facial sun protection into your normal routine below, I think it’s extra important to layer up for days you’ll be in the sun longer or especially on vacation. This SPF serum was a game changer in Palm Beach because I could apply it for both sun protection AND other benefits.

3. Lip protection: The skin on your lips is SO sensitive and burned lips are the WORST. Even worse than just regular chapped lips. I don’t know why but I think of Glozelle every time I talk about chapped lips and want to say, “these crusty crusts” in reference to my chapped lips. Anyone else?! Anyway, it is so important that your lips receive regular application of sun protection especially when your sun exposure increases. This lip protection also serves as a cheek color so you can get protection AND pigment all at once.

4. A hat: Simple but necessary…and fun to shop for. Get shade and protection the old fashioned way. I couldn’t get enough of my $26 boater hat.

5. SPF in your skincare routine: Since I need as much skin protection as I can get, I love to use products that can also be incorporated into my normal skincare routine or makeup routine. My go-to foundation has SPF 15 in it and that’s also boosted by the extra coverage I get via my day moisturizer that also has SPF 30. These are easy and sure fire ways that you’ll get that coverage that you need. I really loved using this Supergoop! serum because it had moisturizing benefits, anti-aging ingredients, all in addition to SPF – winner! It wasn’t greasy at all and didn’t affect my makeup application at all. I washed my face and then applied this serum before I applied my makeup. I felt like I was able to check off all the necessary boxes with this serum which made getting ready to go to the pool that much easier.

6. Finish your makeup with SPF protection: I am 1000% one of those gals that is a setting spray and setting powder addict. I love this powder and this spray loyally BUT when it comes to sun protection I know I’ll be reach for this and this. These two items are a quick final touch on my makeup that also keep me extra protected from the sun. This way keeping my face protected is a no-brainer.

Summer Sun Protection Guide/Never Without Lipstick/sunscreen, sun protection, how to apply sunscreen, best sunscreen, supergoop, best supergoop products, supergoop reviews, sun safety, beachwear, beach prep, beach outfits, beach bag essentials


  • Reapplication: I LOVED how each Supergoop! product had guidelines on reapplication so I wouldn’t be left guessing or waiting until my skin was too red or burnt.
  • Heavy up on sensitive skin and scars: I have a scar on my knee that I call my “frog scar.” Every summer since I was 3, these toads have come to court their mates by our backyard pond. They croak all night long to woo their lover and hop all around our backyard. When I was in 8th grade I was outside looking at two cute kittens in our yard and happened to glance at a toad coming my way. I totally lost it, stumbled, fell hard down onto our driveway and landed myself with a scrape that would turn into a permanent knee scar. Thus the name: frog scar (toad if we’re being specific). ANYWAY THOUGH…scars are super sensitive areas to the sun so I’m always making sure to heavy up on my frog scar or other sensitive areas like:
    • Ears
    • Lips
    • Face
  • Make sure it sticks: Consider doing a bit of research online or on the sunscreen aisle to consider what’s really going to stick to your skin and actually protect you from the sun. That’s why I think this Supergoop! mousse is so incredible is because it stays on despite sweat or water, you reapply every 80 minutes, and it doesn’t go flying off into the wind and not onto my skin.

Summer Sun Protection Guide/Never Without Lipstick/sunscreen, sun protection, how to apply sunscreen, best sunscreen, supergoop, best supergoop products, supergoop reviews, sun safety, beachwear, beach prep, beach outfits, beach bag essentials

All Supergoop! products provided courtesy of Supergoop! via the Preen.Me VIP program. All opinions are my own. 

10 Minute Refresh After a Workout

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Lately I have been running from thing to thing and have had to load up my purse everyday with changes of clothes, makeup, etc. to get myself ready for the next thing I’m headed to. And in a quite recent development, I have started working out much earlier in the morning before my internship or class. I am just as shocked as you are…we’ll see how long that lasts, ha! But if you’ve been leaving gym or a workout class and just don’t have to time to run home and shower, then this post is for you.

I have developed this quick little routine to get yourself together and presentable before your next stop on your day’s routine. Not to mention this whole routine can go down in the comfort of your car.

Keep on reading to discover the tricks!

  1. Brush out your hair and add a dose of dry shampoo: While you’re still in the gym or studio, take a towel and dry any sweat in your hair. Spray dry shampoo onto your part and one layer underneath on each side of your part. Then brush that hair all the way forward (like you’re the creepy girl in the Ring), to the right, and to the left. Put it up in a high pony or a top knot for a clean look! Not to be too gross, but you might have to use some of that sweat to your advantage to get your ponytail or bun looking high, tight, and sleek.
  2. Spritz your face with water spray: We’ll call this the part where you’re kind of ‘washing’ your face.
  3. Use a witch hazel toner pad to clean your face: I LOVE these and keep them in the glove compartment of my car. They’re a bit exfoliating, so I feel like I’m getting in deep and rubbing away sweat grime after a workout.
  4. Add a light layer of SPF moisturizer: To protect your skin throughout the day, of course.
  5. Pat concealer under your eyes and over any blemishes: I recommend doing this with your finger or bring along a concealer brush if you want a more precise application. Doing this will get you looking refreshed!
  6. Two coats of mascara and a swipe of a lipgloss: Mascara will do wonders to liven up your eyes as well as give you the appearance of being more pulled together than you feel! I like to add in this Chanel lipgloss just to get some color on my face.
  7. Dab of perfume and an extra hit of deodorant: The dry shampoo will get your hair smelling nice, so a dab of perfume on your wrists, collar bone, and elbows will do the trick for your bod. And I don’t think it hurts to hit up the pits with another roll of deodorant before heading into the world again. My sweet mama gave me this adorable set of 4 mini Hermes perfumes (my favorite so far has been the Jour d’Hermes scent!), and they’re just the perfect size for being on the go like this!

Winter Skincare: Hydration

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The second part of my feature on my winter skincare essentials had to feature the products I’m using to keep my skin hydrated in such a drying season! This really is no easy feat. Some days I feel like I’m totally killing it and my skin is feeling plump and hydrated and then other days it’s dry and my lips are crackly. Ugh. So I’ve been religiously using the products in this post to try to maintain some consistent hydration throughout the winter.


There really isn’t a better move to make than to hydrate your face every morning with an SPF moisturizer. You can ensure that with consistent daily application, you’re fortifying your skin against the sun each day as well as giving it the gulp of moisture that it needs throughout the day. I live by this Kiehl’s one because it’s so lightweight, doesn’t make me breakout (which happens so often to me with other moisturizers – anyone, else?), and has SPF included. When I’m not using my Kiehl’s Power Undereye Concentrate, I hydrate my under eye area with this Kiehl’s Avocado Cream. It’s nice and creamy but doesn’t leave a thick residue or make me oily afterward. I just dab it under my eye and along the top of my cheekbone each morning (or I do it before bed as well).


Now with my routine before bed, I really try to pack on the moisture so that my skin can take a nice long drink overnight. I alternate between using either this hydrating overnight mask or the Darphin oil (which I grabbed in Paris this summer for so cheap – the prices here are crazy compared to France – here’s the best price on it I could find!). To maintain and up my overall facial hydration each night, I like to use the overnight mask. It almost feels more like a hydration serum, but I like that it’s made to do its job specifically overnight. That way I know that my skin is being nourished while I sleep and keeping up the work I’ve been doing during the day. When I’ve had a day where my skin seems pretty dehydrated or I didn’t get enough water (which is an amazing hydration technique for your skin, too!), I like to use the Darphin oil to really pack a punch of moisture into those pores.


Winter Skincare: Brighten + Tighten

Winter Skincare: Brighten + Tighten 150 150 neverwithoutlipstick

One of my goals for the New Year is to really start sticking to a thorough skincare plan to really address my acne scarring, under-eye darkness, and skin dryness. In October, I had a Kiehl’s professional measure the hydration of my skin with their special tool and it came out as severely dehydrated. This girl has some THIRSTY skin.

I am going to be doing a post next week on hydration for the winter, so more on that later. For now, let’s chat about the products I’m using lately to brighten up my face!

Now a lot of the coloring on your face, like under and around your eyes, can be genetic, so it’s quite difficult for any products to promise to rid your skin entirely of that color. However, things like pollution, the environment, or allergies can contribute significantly to darkness under and around the eyes. To address my under eyes, I have been using the Dr. Brandt laser Fx Bright Serum all over my face and the Kiehl’s Powerful Strength Line-Reducing Eye-Brightening Concentrate (that’s a mouthful, geez!!) to specifically target under eye darkness. I am also using these products to address the darkness of my acne scarring on my cheeks. I’ve struggled with acne since the sixth grade and I haven’t always been one to not pick at or touch my face. Hence, the scarring 🙁 With the brightening serum, I have noticed a reduction in the darkness of that scarring.

Another thing that can improve the appearance of scarring is collagen. Products that increase or induce collagen production help to fill in the divets and rough texture left behind from scarring. This may sound crazy but bee venom products are key to enhancing collagen production. If you’re allergic to bees or have never been stung – do not try these products! I recommend this collagen serum as a replacement. If you have been stung and aren’t allergic, then l recommend this bee venom mask ($13 on Amazon, hey!!) or this bee venom cream (my nail lady said her daughter used this one and it literally took away her acne and smoothed her whole face…whoa). Because of the venom your face will think that it has been “stung” and plump up (no, not swell) and get to producing collagen and filling scars AND smoothing your overall face texture.

Last but not least, I have been using this Dr. Brandt PoreDermabrasion to scrub away dark, dead skin and reduce the size of my pores for brighter skin! I use this twice a week and I have already noticed some amazing effects.