Fall Capsule Closet | Work to Weekend

Fall Capsule Closet | Work to Weekend

Fall Capsule Closet | Work to Weekend 800 1200 Never Without Lipstick | Dallas Style Blog

Style blogger Ashley Deatherage breaks down the fall capsule closet pieces you need to take your wardrobe from work to the weekend | capsule closet, capsule wardrobe, how to build a capsule wardrobe, fall 2017 capsule closet, work capsule closet

The entire philosophy behind the capsule closet is inspiring – I’m amazed at the thought of breaking down my wardrobe to a simple 19 – 25 pieces per season. If you think about it, a fall capsule closet is very efficient and a smart economic decision. After purging my closet at the start of the fall season, I knew that I wanted to take the fall capsule closet approach to my wardrobe this season. But how did I do it?

Here are my tips on how to successfully build a fall capsule closet that’ll serve all your needs from work to the weekend!


Like I talked about in my sweater shopping guide, it’s good to know which fabrics you need to look for when putting together your fall capsule closet. Some people decide to replace their capsule closet pieces each season while others like to invest in staple pieces to last from season to season. I’m a fan of investing in a few staple pieces in high quality, durable materials. That’s why I opted for a wool sweater, a cashmere turtleneck, and two silk blouses. Plus, silk blouses never go out of style no matter what season (I always like to score a Vince or Equipment blouse at Neiman’s Last Call).


When you have a capsule closet, you’re going to be doing a lot of mixing and matching with your pieces. That’s why it’s important to pick classic cuts and well-tailored tops, bottoms, etc. so that they can be worn a bunch of different ways. Tuck in a shirt to a skirt, double cuff your button down sleeves, knot your favorite tee to wear with your go-to jeans, and so on. Pick pieces with lots of possibilities that can also lend to your creativity!


Your pants, jeans, and skirts are going to be the first place you start with 98% of your outfits. So when you’re picking which bottoms to buy/keep for your closet, make sure to opt for more neutral colors that can pair with a lot of different pieces and colors. You can pick more styles of tops with a fall capsule closet, so that can be the place to go for more color if you’re not as much of a neutral lover as I am!


You might’ve read this on here before, but apparently my grandpa loved jackets, and my mom says I inherited that gene. I just think that the right jacket or coat can really make or break a fall outfit; it can be that added final touch that really makes the outfit. Jackets and coats are definitely where you should invest for the fall season because you can wear them with TONS of outfits and they serve a bigger purpose of keeping you warm. In my picture guide above, I’m sharing the five jacket/coat styles you need and will get the most wear out of.

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