Ultimate Guide to Sweater Shopping

Ultimate Guide to Sweater Shopping

Ultimate Guide to Sweater Shopping 150 150 Never Without Lipstick | Dallas Style Blog

Style blogger Ashley Deatherage shares the essential sweaters you need in her sweater shopping guide | Never Without Lipstick | sweaters for fall, sweater outfit, sweaters for women, cardigans, cashmere sweater, sweaters for winter

Here’s something you might not know about me: I regularly purge my closet, usually at the beginning of each season. So not too long ago, I got my closet ready for fall and winter and was left realizing how lacking my closet was on basics. One of the key pieces of every fall/winter wardrobe is the sweater. There are many different styles of sweaters that are key to building the right wardrobe, so that’s why I put together a sweater shopping guide to explain how I got my bases covered.

This sweater shopping guide breaks down all of the styles and materials to look for and add to your wardrobe to be prepared for the season.


Wool: Wool is warm, very warm. It’s exactly what you should reach for when true winter temperatures hit. It can be a little bit itchy, so make sure that you feel and try on the sweater in person before you make your decision.

Cashmere: Known for its silky soft texture, cashmere is one of the most luxurious materials you can opt for when it comes to sweaters. But a lot of the time, you’re paying for the brand name when it comes to cashmere. If you see a great sale on Vince, for example, then it might be worth your investment since you know you’re getting a piece that’s well constructed and in a versatile fit. Otherwise, many department stores have their own line of cashmere sweaters or brands like Everlane are making cashmere pieces for extremely affordable prices.

Blends: For my Southern gals, blends are most likely going to be your sweet spot for sweater weather. But they’re also great for those in colder climates as well because they’re a more affordable approach to having warm layering pieces in your closet. A cashmere blend or cotton/wool blend are a great weight

Sweater Shopping Guide – Styles:

Tank Sweater: Like I mentioned in this post, a tank sweater is the perfect layering piece under coats and jackets. It’s also a great way to add in a sweater to your fall transitional wardrobe without feeling like you’re going to burn up in a full on sweater.

Tunic Sweater: Want a sweater that you can make at least 10 different outfits with? Go for the tunic sweater. You can wear a tunic with leggings, jeans, over a dress, with a skirt – seriously, the options are endless. I recently bought a v-neck tunic that I can wear over a white button down to the office or by itself with jeans and booties. But it might be a good idea to consider a turtleneck/cowl neck tunic that can also serve as an off-the-shoulder tunic for an outfit that you could wear out to drinks – pick one that’s really versatile!

Turtleneck Pullover: Your sweater lineup can’t be considered complete without a turtleneck. Whether it’s a mock neck sweater or a turtleneck, it’s going to be a sleek layering piece for your winter wardrobe. You’ll never regret that extra bit of warmth you’ll get from the turtleneck fit!

Fitted Crewneck Pullover: I had to have a fitted sweater included in this sweater shopping guide. Just like my favorite tees, I love to have a more fitted version that I can tuck into pants and jeans. A crewneck is a really versatile neckline, too! Since this sweater style is more fitted you won’t have to worry about stuffing chunky layers into your jackets or coats.

Cardigan: Did your mom always tell you to bring a jacket to the grocery store, the movies, or as you were heading out the door to see friends? Me too. I swear it’s motherhood 101 to always make sure your kid has something warm to wear in case they get cold. I think it’s for this very reason that the cardigan was invented. You can throw it on over anything for added warmth (without having to mess up your hair with a pullover) and it makes any outfit cozier.

V-Neck Pullover: Pullovers account for lots of styles of sweaters; it just depends which neckline you’re looking for like v-neck, crew neck, boat neck, etc. I find that a v-neck pullover is an essential just because you can layer it cover a tee or button down but also wear it by itself easily. A pullover is a great thing to put on when you’re in a rush and don’t want to have to think too much about your outfit.

Cashmere Sweaters: First things first, cashmere sweaters can be expensive. But they’re always going to be worth the investment because they will last in your closet for years. I had a cashmere cardigan from junior year of high school until the end of freshman year of college, not bad.

The good news? There are lots of ways to save when it comes to buying cashmere! I recently got gift cards for my birthday and it usually takes me forever to contemplate what I want to get. Since I knew I needed new basics in my closet, it was easy to make the choice to use my cards towards a cashmere turtleneck and a cashmere pullover. Spending a bit more to invest in these pieces made sense for me because I could use my gift cards and now have pieces that’ll be in my closet for quite some time.

Here are some other ways to save:

  • Shop the department store brand like at Neiman Marcus or Nordstrom (better prices and equivalent quality)
  • Head to stores like Neiman’s Last Call (they have a different sale every day I’m pretty sure) for reduced prices on cashmere pieces by brands like Vince, Joie, or Equipment
  • Check out brands like Everlane or J.Crew that offer really affordable cashmere sweaters

Was this sweater shopping guide helpful? Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions about sweater shopping or building your fall/winter wardrobe!

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