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Never Without Liptstick's Pics for Shopbop Sale - Spring

OH MAN GUYS! This sale is so good and just keeps getting better. Each time I’m rooting around for new things to link for you on my Shopbop Sale page, I’m finding 100 more things I LOVE! And if I’m getting distracted and overwhelmed, then I know that some of you are, too. I put together the top pieces I recommend shopping into relevant categories! There’s so many things on season on sale right now as well as staple wardrobe pieces at unbeatable deals!

Never Without Liptstick's Pics for Shopbop Sale - Spring

Shirt (a.k.a. the off-the-shoulder top to end all off-the-shoulder tops): MLM Label (included in sale!)


I’m linking th AG Jodi Crop jeans and the AG Legging Ankle jeans because they’re both pairs of jeans that my wardrobe would seriously not be complete without. They’re incredibly high quality, true to size, an impeccable fit, and made to last for seasons and seasons.


 Statement sleeves, ruffles, white and blue stripes, bows. I mean…nothing says Spring to me more than these tops.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, shoulders are meant to be seen in the Spring, so make sure that your dress choices make that happen.


Okay I just came across a blend of my two favorite shoe styles: the slide-on mule and the espadrille. Does life get much better than that?!


If you read (or would like to read) my 5 Essential Spring Wardrobe Pieces post, you’ll find that I recommend a nude or neutral colored handbag. The bags that I’ve picked are in such beautiful hues that they’ll be spot on for the season as well as a neutral staple throughout the year.


I’m usually a studs-only kind of girl when it comes to earrings, but this season’s statement earring selection is just too good. I’d be doing my ear lobes a disservice not to wear a pair of the cutest statement earrings out there!

Never Without Liptstick's Pics for Shopbop Sale - Spring

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