Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her 848 1200 Never Without Lipstick | Dallas Style Blog

Unique Valentine's Day Gifts for Her featured by top US life and style blog, Never Without Lipstick

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays! I’m really not sure why…I think I’ve only had an actual Valentine twice maybe? Good! In my family, we’ve made Valentine’s a “thing” for as long as I can remember. My mom would always have a cute little something for me each year, and I’d love exchanging our gifts for one another. The gifts were never anything big but were always thoughtful and added a pop of style into some aspect of your life. And the holiday is based around pink and red – two colors that I adore, so there’s another obvious reason! But I think the big one is that it’s a fun day to display our love to others in a way that’s creative and thoughtful even if it’s not a monumental gesture or gift.

Side note: One girl once told me I was a “brat” because I got a Valentine’s gift 😉 So these Valentine’s Day gifts for her are for all my brats out there!! Just kidding. Every gal should get a sweet little something on V-day from her boy, her mama and daddy, her bestie, or heck, herself! This gift guide was a joy to put together because there are some killer gifts out there this year.

The front runners in my eyes are:

  • Diptyque Candle: This gift is a two-for-one. Not only is this candle easy on the wallet, but once the gift recipient has finished burning the candle, she can make it into a makeup brush holder! Might have to treat myself to this because I think they’re gorgeous and even more so as brush holders!
  • Lip Wine Glasses: Well other than the fact that they have LIPS on them, these wine glasses could be used for a Single Girl Valentine’s shindig OR for any and all future GNOs.
  • ‘Love You More’ Necklace: I mean, this says it all! It’s cute, it’s gold, and it matches the sentiment of V-day perfectly. #NailedIt
  • Shashi Red Fan Earrings: These are under $40?! Wear them now AND later (especially on a beachy Spring Break getaway). Don’t forget to get yourself a pair, too! (I’d like one as well, hehe.)

Any of these Valentine’s Day gifts for her (just click on what you like below) would make stellar surprises for your gal pals, your mom, a co-worker, or even yourself.

If you ever have any questions about what to buy for yourself or a friend, don’t hesitate to reach out to me! Find my contact info on the ‘About’ page!


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