Making New Years Resolutions

Making New Years Resolutions

Making New Years Resolutions 150 150 Never Without Lipstick | Dallas Style Blog

Well it’s getting to that time of year when we all start imagining and planning for the new, better 2017 versions of ourselves. It can quite invigorating but also quite overwhelming. What I’m going to try this year (and recommend for all of you as well!) when it comes to developing my 2017 goals and resolutions is try to be more general. In years past I’ve come up with lists of nearly 25 things I’d like to stop doing, start doing, think about doing. And then by February I’m just exhausted and feel disappointed in myself for not meeting those expectations.

So I did some deep digging and have come up with some general goals and a few specific, tangible ways to achieve those goals for 2017.

Let me know how your resolution making is going – what are some goals you’re looking to meet in 2017?

I also have made a survey here that I’d love for you to participate in to give me an idea of what you liked seeing this year on the blog and anything new you might want to see in the future! I love your feedback so please share away!

______________________________POSITIVITY FIRST_________________________________

As the daughter of a lawyer, I have been hyper-aware of risk assessment and mistake aversion for almost the entirety of my life. While I value these skills as they keep me wise and cautious, I do want to ensure that I avoid developing a negative outlook on life and all it has to offer. At points, I’ll notice that I think about the negative aspects of a situation before I’ve ever considered the positives. So this year, I am vowing to think of the positive FIRST and how things can go RIGHT first before I evaluate the potential cons to a situation. This life is pretty great and I want to open myself to being an explorer of it.

_______________________________KNOW MYSELF__________________________________

The fact that 2016 is the year that I launched this blog is truly a landmark moment for my entire life. It has been the most rewarding risk that I’ve ever taken and I can’t thank all of you enough for keeping up and engaging with my blog! Starting a blog is incredibly inspiring, but there are times when I begin to compare myself to the others and question myself. And this is where I need to remember to slow down, breathe, and remember who I am, what I believe, and where I want to go. If I practice this skill and solidify the answers to these questions in my head, then I will be able to make decisions much easier because I’ll be staying true to what I know about myself.

How I’ll get to know myself better:

  • Journal as regularly as possible for my schedule
  • Schedule workout classes at times that I’ll actually go (I always schedule them aspirationally and end up sleeping in!)
  • Wait a day to make big decisions

______________________________KEEP LEARNING__________________________________

If you’re new around here, it’s important that you know that I am currently a senior in college and about to take that leap into the REAL WORLD in just a matter of months. The process is daunting and scary and some people say it’s exciting?! (Anybody hiring?!) But I know that even though I’m leaving school, I’ll never stop learning. And I have to have a part in making sure that I continue to sharpen and broaden my mind and perspective .

What I’ll Do to Keep Learning:

  • Curate a manageable reading list for the year and attempt to read a book or two a month (taking recommendations!)
  • Stay updated daily on news as well as trends relevant to the industry I’m working in
  • Implement new techniques on the blog to consistently improve your experience at Never Without Lipstick