Holiday Travel Outfits

Holiday Travel Outfits

Holiday Travel Outfits 150 150 Never Without Lipstick | Dallas Style Blog

I’m pretty sure that one of the most relatable moments from Home Alone is the scene of the whole family running through the airport to the sound of ‘Run, Run, Rudolph’! Have y’all had one of those moments before?! I know that I have, and it’s moments like those that always make me think about how important it is to be wearing the right clothes to travel in. And yes, I do sometimes travel in workout leggings and tennis shoes BUT I also like to dress up to travel…without compromising comfort and sensibility!

That’s why I’m featuring 5 potential outfits to put together for your comfiest and most stylish travel looks.

EDGY BUT WARM: This outfit is warm with the turtleneck sweater and comfy with the legging jeans – elastic waistband included ;). The sweater is sleeveless, so you can easily cool down by taking off the leather jacket or warm up by throwing it back on during your flight or car ride.

This look is elegant with the silk blouse and the suede jacket elevates the simple olive jeans and low booties! These booties are easy to take on and off through security lines also.

The Jet-Setter: The off-shoulder sweater makes for a great outfit component for a short flight or drive where you need to show up looking your best. It’s warm as well as on trend for the season. Pair it with a structured bag, blue denim jeans, and a pair of (comfortable) heeled booties to complete this jet-setter look.

Winter White: This look might just be one of the easiest to replicate! Grab a pair of white jeans and pair it with a cream cable knit sweater. If you’d like to tone down the winter white, throw in a gray sleeveless vest like me or a gray cozy cardigan. Make the choice between heeled OTK boots or flat depending on the length of your trip!

Layering at its Finest: If there’s one thing that’s key to dressing for travel, it’s layering. I know I’m not the only one on flights who goes from burning up to freezing cold and back again! During the holiday season, I recommend wearing a long sleeve shirt like a flannel (and that one is currently on sale for $7 at Old Navy!) because it’s warm on its own and you can roll up the sleeves if you get too hot. Then for an added layer of warmth, throw on a puffer vest (extra 40% off at J. Crew right now!)  to keep you warm but not too hot as it’s sleeveless.

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