Transition Your Makeup for Fall

Transition Your Makeup for Fall

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Depending on where you live, it is starting to look a lot like FALL. (But if you’re a Texan, you know that we’re still in purgatory). And as the leaves change, so are our wardrobes…and our makeup. It’s time to leave behind bronzer and shimmery highlight and embrace a new fall beauty wardrobe. I’ve also linked all the products I recommend below so that you can get working on that fall makeup wardrobe ASAP!

Let’s start with lips: The tones of your lipstick (and makeup in general) in the fall should be picking up all of the warm tones of autumn like browns, orangey-reds, plum purples, and dusty rose. I love to have a natural look with either a bold, more red-toned lip or go for a warm, coppery eye subdued by a dusty rose

Make sure to snag the following colors:

  • Brick red
  • Berry reds
  • Deep plum purples
  • Mauvey-rose pinks



Now for the eyes: When it comes to fall eye makeup, warmth still applies in the colors you choose. The NYX colors I featured in this post bring some MAJOR autumn warmth to your look. I really suggest getting these deep, reddish pinks and mixing them with copper tones. Now one thing to avoid in the fall is too much shimmer – I’d say leave it in light colors like light golds, coppers, or basic gold for just dabbing into your inner corner.

Here are the colors you’ve got to have to transition your look:

  • Berry shadows – seems risky, but use it as a liner or in your outer corner to play up this beloved fall color
  • Light shimmery copper for inner corners
  • Deep, reddish pinks: pick one lighter and one a shade deeper to use on your lid and crease


Last, don’t forget the cheeks: Let your blush bring a warmth to your overall look with peach tone blush or a classic rosey blush. Apply it along your cheekbones to create the element of contouring without getting too dark of a look. This will guarantee automatic autumn warmth for your look.




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