Halloween Netflix Picks

Halloween Netflix Picks

Halloween Netflix Picks 150 150 Never Without Lipstick | Dallas Style Blog


1. Stranger Things:

I put this one as the TOP because it is that good. I watched it in one sitting with one of my best friends, and it was SO worth it. This show has incredible actors and an even more gripping story line. If you’re in the mood for a binge watch, then head over and watch this NOW.

2. Amanda Knox

Last Sunday, I clicked on this documentary and was blown away. I had never really heard much about this case and it was

3. Who Took Johnny?

This one is as sad as it is scary. Be prepared for the emotional roller coaster it’ll take you on! At any other time, something like this would have me wondering what is wrong with the world – but since it’s Halloween, it’s great for a spooky story!

4. I am the pretty thing that lives in the house

This one is SCARY! I stupidly started watching it at 11 PM – bad, bad idea. It’s so eerie and so I was really drawn in, but you’ll definitely find yourself covering your eyes and peeking through the slits of your fingers while watching. I highly recommend watching this one during the daylight hours of Halloween!