October Color Crush: Slate Gray

October Color Crush: Slate Gray

October Color Crush: Slate Gray 150 150 Never Without Lipstick | Dallas Style Blog

This month’s color crush is one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE colors…ever. And it goes with literally everything no matter what season. It’s especially perfect with all gorgeous shades of plum! Slate gray is a great color for suede: boots, bags, mules, etc. I’d also pick slate gray as a foundational color for any home decor items. Think a fuzzy pillow, slate gray velvet?! There’s something else I’d look for – slate gray velvet dresses or velvet button downs for the season. It’s truly a color that can do it all!

I’ve thrown together some fun items for this season in this amazing color for all of you to peruse. I’m really obsessed with the Sam Edelman fluff ball tennies, the cap toe booties, and the YSL fringe wristlet! (P.S. Some of the items are pricey, but don’t worry, they’re included just for fun and because they’re so gorgeous!!)



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