How To: Tackle an Eyeshadow Quad

How To: Tackle an Eyeshadow Quad

How To: Tackle an Eyeshadow Quad 150 150 Never Without Lipstick | Dallas Style Blog

Eyeshadow quads can be so simple yet so daunting. But there’s nothing to fear because I’ve broken down the steps into a simple process that’ll leave you feeling confident with any quad you pick up!


Follow along below:

  1. Apply the base: Use the flat shadow brush (#1) to apply the lightest color in the quad from lashline to brow bone as the base.



2. Crease: Use the angled crease brush (#2) to apply the lighter of the dark colors in the quad from outer to inner corner. I keep my eyes open for this so that I can really see where the crease is and how I can define it with the shadow.

img_3039 img_3108-1 3. Outer Corner: Use a loosely packed crease brush to flick the darkest color of the quad gently onto your outer corner.


img_3127 4. Inner corner: Use a very small shadow brush or just your fingertip to apply the accent color in the quad from your inner corner to the middle of your eyelid.

img_30555. The Final Look: Use another loose crease brush (#4) to lightly blend the colors together to make a nice cohesive look. Set with setting spray and you’re ready to go!


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